Monday, October 25, 2010

Random simple updates

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life is what you make of it, and I've been making them awesome so yea, they are!!

after feeling absolutely revolted at the thought of sitting the LRT to and fro college every day for the next 6 months, i finally decided to move in to the college campus hotel, despite my 2 "son's" persistent attempt to ask me to live with them, prob to be a mom =.=

Someone once joked that before i moved into hostel, i used to sleep rather early but now that i moved into hostel it's the total opposite, and its so true! At first i enjoyed my newfound freedom but it comes with a short fuse as trials was just around the corner, followed closely by AS exams at its heels. Right now i'm having the actual AS examinations and its well...ok?

Pure maths was alright i guess, i know i did a few mistakes already and raisin knows how many marks i've lost, so just as long as i keep cool for my applied i should be fairly fine yay!

GP was worse, can't believe i actually blanked out in an essay writing exam, practically stunned diao..i still managed to cook up some dishes but it sure ain't gonna taste good sigh....

Lotsa fun moments in hostel, many friends, mostly boys for some reason..late night poker games, yam cha, pool, study room, library, badminton, classes, comp movies, blowing up condoms, music listening, chats, laughing, cheese naan and burger banjir fills up most of my waking moments.. Met the most sensitive, most carefree and most matured ppl here as well..

P/S: I have another niece now! yippeeee....

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Friday, July 2, 2010


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Wishing to be happy has always been one of my priorities in life, but it is not often achievable, is it? Occasionally gullible and easily distracted, I often try to find the best in things and make the best of it, however lately things just seem to be hovering just above the surface of hot water. Happiness comes in many forms, as we are all aware of, some may find joy in ice cream while some may find pure bliss cuddling into the arms of someone. What most of us do not realise is some happiness is not to be sought after but to be discovered within. I have a greater interest in the pursuit of inner happiness where you are content with everything you have. This makes it easy to pass the happiness around cause when you are happy, you exude a certain aura that is detectable even by the heinous of beings.(btw the magic of smile spread 'em!)

Personally, i do not think it is possible to be happy 24/7, maybe unless you're God. but then again, He is probably upset with what we are doing with our lives daily, what with pollution, crimes and torture that we inflict upon others and nature. If only happiness can be bottled up and shipped around the world for all to enjoy, then no one has to suffer, no one has to realise what pain is, no one has to undergo the various forms of which pain manifests as. Because really, pain comes when you have lost your loved ones in a tragic accident, pain comes when you know you cant have what you want, pain comes when you have the constant fear of not being able to accomplish something, pain comes when you have a fear, pain comes when you feel all alone and worst of all, pain comes when there is nowhere you could turn to in times of distress.(pain also comes when your pain receptors detect them and sends them to your brain, but that's physical pain) I honestly feel inner pain hurts much more than physical ones.

When 2010 came about, I was told that it was not going to be a smooth year for us Monkeys, though not all Monkeys experience the same things. But it was true, for me at least..there were alot of mental, physical, emotional, social, and psychological hardships that i faced and still facing. My physical hardship is healing, my emotional and psychological condition has had better days and is recovering rather slowly. To those who probably knew what i mean, it is hard for me to let go of the past cause I'm the kind who practically superglues it permanently to myself and it hurts to yank it off.

But just as I was about to have another breakdown, I discovered many things that made me happy, one baby step at a time. For one, I just recently became an aunt, which is an equally rewarding feeling. There's a sense of humility, togetherness, pride, joy and love towards a being that is so new to this world. I always get excited when I see my nephew. I still remember the first time i carried him in my arms, it was also the first time I ever carried a newborn. My heart pounded like mad and I looked at the being in my arms, who was so helpless and yet so peaceful. To top it all off, my GP lecturer will be giving us an assignment after our mid-course exam which is the Egg Baby! She practically married us to one another and wil be giving us an egg which we have to take care of for a week and I really do mean take care, as in bathing, dressing, feeding etc. By the end of the week we have to hand in a report of our activities for a week, babysitting log, baby expenses(diapers, baby lotion, baby oil) and even write a letter to our baby. I got so excited after hearing this and immediately ran to my assigned husband to name our daughter>>Jolie Chong En Hui, nice?? hhahahahahahaha...there's even the chinese characters of the name haha. I still am excited as I'm typing here with my brain figuring out how it is that I'm going to build some sort of carrier to carry my daughter for a week to every lecture, tutorial and even the loo..hmm

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Friday, January 30, 2009


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I'm so sorry for disappearing from the face of the Earth. Actually I was kidnapped by aliens who wanted to know how many boyfriends I've had but they gave up cause I was too stubborn not to tell. So it still remains a secret hehe...

First Day of School
Aahhhh it's so wonderful to see old friends again, just as happy to know that I'm not the only one with wrinkles and sagging breasts...omg what's wrong with me. My class, 5 Jujur got the mosquitoe infested classroom, which isn't that bad cause I don't get many bites, it depends actually, some days I could be expanding left and right from the bites. Then my old class teacher Encik Razak left our school(yippee) only to be replaced by one of the ustazahs>>Cik Latifah(aaahhhhh). I can't stand the voice of certain people no matter how nice they are but thank God she's just teaching Sivik which means I only have to see her once a week. After a few days lessons went on as usual so yea....have trouble catching up cause didn't study any crap about F4 in the holidays. Had a nasty cough, flu and fever in my first week of school(caught it from dad i tink), cough lasted for 2 weeks, skipped almost 2 days of school.

Rumah Sukan AGM & Persatuan AGM
I've always loved my school's rumah sukan names which are named after the mountains in M'sia>>Kinabalu, Jerai, Ledang, Bintang and Tahan. It's so much better than the Sistem Empat Lipatan which are er....Bendahara, Temenggung, Laksamana and one more can't remember. Anyway I'm in Kinabalu so we had our AGM and guess what, I got Secretary..again. I actually wanted Penolong Kapten cause I was in the afternoon session and I thought it'd be cool to get the same but unfortunately the two top posts was taken by Haris and Aiman. Anyway good for them =p For my persatuan, I chose Persatuan Sains & Matematiks. It was either English or that but I knew many would join English so I had to choose the other. Mana tau Afiq, Kavi gang all joined too haha...For that persatuan I got AJK kecil, mini me!! yay....So with everything piling up on me, it's just a matter of time before I officially become a pancake then all the starved people in the world can have me with honey and whipped cream.

Prefect's Orientation Camp 2009 & St. John first gerko
This camp was simple yet wild. I think slightly free for the committees. Keana spent 70% of the time in front of Hamid's laptop in the discipline room. Many just hung around but it was fun. I wanted to see whether I can stay awake for 24 hours and I almost made it. I actually stayed awake till 5+am then I got bored cause before that I was doing some secretary stuff for the next day's St. John first gerko. So as I was saying, I got bored around 5+am so ended up sitting at some corner on the floor watching abit of 90210 on Hamid's laptop, next thing I knew I woke up 45 minutes later! I'm not ito shows like 90210 or Gossip Girls mainly cause I don't have the channel, but also cause I don't have the time to watch and also cause I liike other shows hehe..Then had to prepaper for prefect's morning exercise conducted by yours truly and Sasa, then rush to change into full U for first gerko. Got abit tired during gerko, had show-and-tell and some games, there's room to improve though but we can do it!! When gerko was over had to change back to pj clothes for prefect's orientation. Everything went alrite...thanks to Eggy who let many people break camp from her orientation camp to join St. John first gerko.Here are some pics from camp...




He was a friend who left us so early(i'm not saying he's dead, touch wood). I meant he moved to another school in our last year of school life, the year that we're supposed to make the best out of it czuse there's a high chance we won't meet up again in the future. The Tuesday before he left he announced that he was leaving. Taran, Eggy and Ee Von said WHAT?! together but no sound came out from me. I was too shocked, who is going to tease me? Who is going to play with my hair? Who is going to ask me to smile everyday? These and many other thoughts ran though my mind till all there is left are tears in my eyes so I ran out to let the tears run free. On his last day of school on SMKSP, we surprised him with Kuhan mom's home baked cake and a card. He was overwhelmed and began to cry silently, seeing him cry I knew I couldn't do the same so I ended up tearing during duty. When the end of school bell rang, we all hugged each other goodbyes but luckily there is still the technology of communication so be sure to expect seeing my fingers running across the keypads of my handphone.

The Eve of CNY Eve
Cleaning the house like a mad woman especially my study table which is a jungle by itself.I remembered waking up early to finish painting the brick wall outside, cleaning, watching tv, cleaning and watching tv, cleaning, watching tv, eating, making noise, washing, bathing, watching tv and sleeping. was really tired...KO around 12+ i tink.

Got up around 9+am. Karen and Lisa were the first of my family to arrive with their ingredients for our family's yong tau foo complete with a secret recipe. Began to cut the garlic and onions till my fingers stinged and tears began to flow. Karen wanted to start with the mixing of the stuffing for the yang tau foo but we weren't sure which ingredient goes in first and the proportions. We are just the stuffers but the main chef, Ng Pak hasn't arrive yet haha. Ng Pak and the others arrived about 12+pm and the crazy job of stuffing the tau fu started. We stuffed tau fu pok, okras, big chillies and of couse big tau fu. It was hilarious cause there were 60 taufu cut into half so there was a total of 120 taufu to stuff! It was tough to control the amount of meat to stuff in cause we were afraid it wouldn't be enough. Then we realised that we had to be stingy with the stuffing so started pinching some meat off the ready made ones. Turns out we weren't supposed to stuff all 120 taufu cause some were for the vegetarians so there was a big fuss again. Really funny...this si what I call CNY Eve. After cooking for almost 5 hours, the food is finally ready. As everyone sat down, along came my niece whom I had not seen for a few years. My God she's 5 years old now and extremely pretty with her 2 pigtails, I'll tell you more details below. The food was fantastic as usual along with the best yong tau fu money can buy yummy!! Then the after-meal-lepak began.

CNY Day 1
Food!! Glorious food...what would CNY be without FOOD!! Glorious food!! Morning got up and got ready to go KYCO for prayers and food! Glorious food! Listened to some advices there, some prayers and then the predictions for each zodiac for the year of the ox. The Year of the Ox is a good year for Monkey(yay) and Rooster. Monkey has a lot of good opportunities and will most likely have a blossoming love life haha, there's more can't remember after the part about love life LOL... The aunty beside me ask whether am I a Monkey so I replied yes, then she asked am I 25 or something!!! Can u believe her?! My sis and bro rolled with embarrassing but I'd rather think that I look mature for my age hmph! Then there's something about Rooster will have a good income year or something like dat. Kimboy wanted to show me his new dog but I had to leave early so had to wait sigh...Then I went to Popo's house for CNY lunch, when I arrived I thought I walked into the wrong house cause there were many unfamiliar faces plus many kids! Turns out my family is sort of branched into 2 and these people were from the other branch. I'm actually a grandaunt in this 2nd branch of the family!! Argh!!!! My niece and nephew are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy older than I am haha....sry. There were these 2 boys soooo cute awww. Along came my beautiful niece in her little white dress with pink ribbon and hair tied up in a ponytail. At night went over to Popo house again for porridge which is actually leftovers from lunch thrown into a pot and cooked with rice, fantastic porridge can compare with this hehe.

CNY Day 2
Went for branch at Sri Paandi for roti canai, thosai and thairu vade(sry if spelt wrong). Then went to Popo house to lepak for awhile, went home watch tv then get ready for the night's reunion dinner. Get all dolled up in my purple dress yay then makan makan makan. Went to Popo house after dat for family photo.
Photos of CNY will hopefully be posted soon

My Beautiful Niece
Her name is Amaya Joanna Ee Siew Mei. Odd isn't it? Well she is actually mix Chinese and Australian. Her Mom did a good job raising her cause she's healthy, well-mannered and adorable. Her mom did mention that she's teaching Amaya to be a heartbreaker when she grows up so watch out boys!! Seeing her now makes me realise what older people meant when they say "Oh my, you've grown so much!!".

P/S: I finally got my hands on the picnic waterfall pics I promised since November so it'll be up next post which will be I don't know when...adios, off to eat again...Been eating like a vacuum machine these days..

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Tata 08 Hello 09!

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Well what do you know, 2008 has left us to be filed in the book of history so all that is left are our hopes, dreams and aspirations just waiting to be fulfilled.

I am sure most of you guys had a ball on New Year's eve, unfortunately I had a rather quiet lonely one. I can't believe I'm home on New Year's eve, I couldn't go for my sunday school friend's party cause it was too far, I couldn't go to Tarvin's party and I couldn't go to The Curve or something to watch fireworks...I love fireworks :( Instead I went to SS2 Kamdar in the afternoon with Mom to look for curtains for Dad's room side windows and Sis's room window. After debating about Dad's window, I saw a beautiful flower-patterned curtain and I wanted it. I knew I wanted it cause there was so much I could do with the room if I had it. I'm currently sharing my room with Mom(don't ask why) and if all goes well, my Sis would move out by end of next year so I'll fight with my Bro for her room but I'm sure I'll win. That curtain would be perfect for my dream room, then I'd call Heng to discuss on the furnishings...sigh unfortunately the curtain I saw was just a sample cause it was all sold out and they are not ordering it again. An older lady saw me looking at it and decided that she too wanted it, then another lady who was with her said "You better get it if you want it cause she will take it" but I passed it. That older lady actually bought the sample cause it was really really nice, hurts me just thinking about it. Looks like I would have to scout every single Kamdar shop for that same design though highly doubt I can find it nor find a similar one.Then there was this shop assistant working at Kamdar and my god was she rude, I almost snapped at her for having that urgh-this-is-so-annoying look when my Mom was talking to her, so disrespecting, could've gotten her fired hmph! Then we had lunch and we went in the petshop to have a look. There was a big van outside the petshop and I stopped and stared cause there were 3 Siberian Huskies in it! The biggest one was black and my god it was huge! It's already almost up to my chest on all fours! Incredibly furry and magnificent looking...whew..Then there were 2 Malteses on display, one with dyed pink ears and tail, the other with dyed orange ears and tail, sooo adorable!! Anyway after all that Mom got me the dvd of Bolt so I could watch it tonight as my way of ushering in the new year. She was supposed to go to KYCO with Dad but ended up staying home to watch with me. Then when the clock striked 12am, I had 2 fireworks performances nearby my house so I could watch them. Imagine those people crowding in malls and all to watch these while I could just watch them in the comfort of my own home haha..'s time for my New Year resolutions!!
  1. Actually study for school exams, not only SPM but normal ones as well.
  2. Try my best to score at least a B for Chinese.
  3. Do extremely well in SPM to live up to my cousins and all.
  4. Somehow juggle my responsibilities in school with limited freedom.
  5. Love my friends, family and myself.
  6. Be more CALM.
  7. Smile more.
  8. Laugh more.
  9. Eat moderately.
  10. Play hard.
  11. Get fairer.
  12. Find a time machine to turn back time.
  13. Somehow get a new phone e.g Nokia 7610 Supernova(red), Nokia 7310 Supernova(blue), Nokia 7210 Supernova(pink), Nokia 5610 XpressMusic(red) [this one so so only], Nokia 5320 XpressMusic(red), Nokia 5310 XpressMusic(red), Nokia 5130 XpressMusic and Nokia 3120 Classic. You can see that these are all Nokia phones cause I feel it's more user friendly and I was lazy to search for other brands.
  14. Somehow get a camera for personal and blog use. But if I get a new phone which has a good camera then I won't need one.
  15. Be happy for others.
  16. Bake a cake.
  17. Grow taller?
  18. Don't spend so much.
  19. Do more charity work.
  20. Be committed in whatever I do.
  21. Pray more for the world.
Ok peeps that's all for now, tune in next time.

" Even though the year has gone, but the memories of 08 will remain in your hearts eternally, hope I will too. Wishing everyone a glittery, mesmerising, wonderful, sparkling, rockin', spectacular, exciting, eventful, meaningful, happy and memorable new year!!"

P/S: The petri dish still looks almost the same but there is one distinct white dot in the middle, could it be a bacterium? And Bolt was really good!! Laughed alot and a very warm ending XD

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

30/12/08 or 27/12/07?

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Well as the nosy person I am, I went to school on 30 December which was the day PMR results came out. brings me back to last year, how nervous I was in SY's house with Heng, then arriving to school to be bombarded by "terrorists" haha jk...I meant our very own reporters from EdBoard. Anyway back to the present cause that day wasn't about me, it was about them, EVERYTHING was about them. I arrived in school at 8.10am(hehe sry for being late) then lepaked till most of the F3's arrive. I was to interview them before and after the results came out. While waiting, saw this adorable little baby boy with his Granma(I think). He was too cute I wanted to squeeze him alive! I've never felt that way towards a being of the opposite sex before, couldn't understand why I reacted the way I did, maybe I should just stay away from guys forever....but what the heck, who can? Hahahahahahahaahhahahaha don't think I'm a slut or anything alrite. Anyway once I saw him I immediately grabbed Mira's camera(DSLR or sumtin, the more high-tech abit one)and started snapping away. That boy was really working it I tell you, giving me the cutest shots even though he didn't mean to. The picture below is my proudest one, lucky I got it before he turned his head...

Now....isn't that adorable?? When the results came out it was hard to help teacher hand out certs, interviewing them and asking them what they got so I can tell them to gather at badminton court for Pelajar Cemerlang group photo. Kevin ended up helping to hand out certs so I just walk around interviewing people, not easy actually, there were tears of joy and sadness spilling all around me. Not to mention several stunned speechless looks, couldn't interpret those.. Several people came with their parents and it was heartwarming to watch them hug each other even though the results were bad, that's what families are for. Then there were several people who dressed up just to take results, with eyeliner and so on..I mean come on, no one's gonna look at you, besides it's all just going to smudge as you cry anyway. Ooohhh there was this guy I interviewed after he got his results which was 7As and 1B or C I think, I asked him who would he like to thank and you know what he answered??!! His GF!! It was so sweet of him awwww....but kinda bad cause he didn't mention his family(Hey if the person I'm talking about is reading this, I meant it in the nicest way possible alrite?).
After the Pelajar Cemerlang photos were taken and everything was packed up, Sasa, Heng, SY, Marz and I went to Sasa's house to watch movie. Sigh wanted to watch the cartoon Anastasia cause I got a craving for it since Youth Camp but can't find it in her house. It's really hard to find it these days, don't know was so good. Ended up watching Wild Child despite of the drilling noise coming from next door. It was so loud and I could feel the vibrations as I leaned my head on the wall to watch the show, after awhile it gave me a headache. When the show ended, so did Marz, I mean he left haha. Then Audrey came knocking in the room to invite us out to the hall for a little experiment. On the floor was a couple of petri dishes, 2 bottles of sterilised water, some tape and a pack of sterilised cotton buds. The experiment was to see what kind of bacteria are living on your skin by using the cotton bud dipped in sterilised water to swap any part of the body then rubbing it in the petri dish. The petri dish contains Nutrient Agar which has most of the nutrients needed for most bacteria to live, this dish will then be covered and sealed with the tape, labelled and stored is a cool dark place. After a few days, some things can be seen on the petri dish, unfortunately I don't have photographic evidence of this experiment because I don't own a camera sigh.. Anyway Sasa swapped two areas on her body and so did her little brother, then Audrey asked us whether do we want to give it a try. I agreed cause it was really interesting and how often can you see what's living on your skin? I swapped my arm at the elbow region and rubbed it on the petri dish then sealed it on my own, was so cool man.






It's been 2 days since I sealed the petri dish and so far only milky stains could be seen on where I rubbed the cotton bud, kind of disgusting actually but I'm still hoping for a cooler effect. Audrey says even if nothing happened doesn't mean there are no bacteria because 1: There are bacteria EVERYWHERE and 2: The Nutrient Agar is only suitable for most bacteria not all. She also says when I'm done with it I have to return to her so she can bring it back to college and decontaminate it, how cool is that?! Will keep you updated as the days go by, might even bring it to school to show it off!!

P/S: Will post about New Year tomorrow ok..

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Monday, December 29, 2008

7th BISDS Youth Camp-In Unity We Stand

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Note: No pictures were taken in the making of this post. No animals(other than humans) were harmed in the making of this post.

Wow, just after 2 and a half days of rest and lots of tuition, I went for yet another camp>>>7th BISDS Youth Camp 2008!! It was held from 19-23 December 2008 at Buddhist Maha Vihara & Woods Resort, Ulu Yam. Hope I still remember about the activities because I so foolishly washed it together with my laundry.

19 December 2008-
I arrive at BMV around 8pm for registration after tuition classes. Thought I'd be late but no I was not. When I went up the stairs to the counter, my eyes immediately shot towards an extremely petite pretty girl at the top of the stairs and I was like "Who the hell is that?". I was having serious second thought of backing out while I still can because I haven't paid my camp fees, so I could just not show up. Was only about 75% recovered from my last camp so wasn't really happy. After registration went up to the Auditorium to gather and there were about 70+ participants already gathered in a circle. The guys as in Yu Ming and Sui Lun had to start the whole self-introduction thing. Then when everyone gathered, the committee played the camp's theme song which is Life is the Road from the show Anastasia, which made me think back how I used to love that show when I was young, which made me even more gloomier. After settling everything we played our ice breaking game>>Chicky Evolution! Kinda funny actually, it's basically the game one two jus but you'll have 5 stages to evolve into. For example, you'll start out as an egg, you'll then find a partner who is in the same stage as you are, play one two jus with him/her and if you win, you'll evolve into a chicken or something can't remember the name. Thought I was gonna lose haha...Oh yes you have to remember the name of the person you played with too, so that is how you get to 'break the ice' among the participants. Ooohhh and I found out the name of the pretty girl I mentioned earlier, her name is Veronica Ooi but everyone calls her Veron haha. Then we were sorted into our respective groups, I sort of hoped that I'll be in Yellow group because that was my group colour in my last camp but I got Orange instead. Given about 15 minutes for group name and group cheer and I was ready for it. In the end my group(Orange) became Buddha's Palm, Yellow changed from Yell to Cheetahs, Green became Wasabi, Pink became Wild Pinkies, Blue became Blue Hyppo, Purple became Red Indian and Beige changed from something about youth camp to Move It!. Oddly enough, they didn't ask to perform our group cheer, instead they hassled us all off to bed. Somehow I landed myself in the noisiest dorm, the other room had all the quiet people whereas my room were know..I'm not saying it's bad actually it depends. The committee had to walk into our room about 4 or 5 times because the girls were making so much noise even though the lights were off. I recall lying beside Xuan Zhi discussing about some stuffs, then I said I want to have a moment of silence to reminisce about ICC 08 and "other" stuff but ended up zzzzzzzzz....
20 December 2008-
Somehow managed to wake up when the committee came in for morning call. My beloved handphone was taken away yesterday and I'll only get it back on the last day of camp. Had to borrow Xuan Shan's small bag to fit a few sets of clothes in because I only brought one big bag for this whole camp but I forgotten we were going to Woods Resort so I was in need of a smaller one. Had morning puja then dozed off in the bus. A few guys and some committee went to set up the tents(yeay!) while the rest just lepak in the hall. I ended up introducing the game 'The More We Get Together' too. Oh ya when everyone gathered in the hall ONLY the committee asked us to perform our group cheers, then they elected the group leaders and assistants which will rotate everyday. For my team Yu Ming became group leader while I became his assistant but only for while we're in Woods Resort(don't be fooled by the word 'Resort' because it's not). After we settled into our tents where we had to fit 6 people in one tent, we played Captain Ball, groups vs groups and since there are 7 groups, the 8th group would be committee(pity whoever played with them cause they're good). Buddha's Palm's first match was against Cheetahs and we won but we lost to er...Move It I think. My energy level dropped from 75% down to barely 50% and I sort of gotten myself a blister on both foot but ignored it and went through the game. Was quite fun... After Captain Ball there was some free time so Yu Ming suggested Pepsi Cola and I so foolishly agreed because I played so ganas until my right leg was full of scratches and slight bleeding.
Then we had lunch but only get one cup of syrup(bluek, sick of it cause of ICC), changed into trackpants and darker shirt, then went for a short walk to the waterfall for Repelling and my God was it thrilling. There was a vertical cliff beside the waterfall with ropes so we had to go down something like Absailing. When I saw other people attempt it and slipped I got freaked out because one hand will be holding the rope and the other will be sort of supporting you if not you'll fall. While waiting I kept worrying about leeches cause like I said, I don't like them, then suddenly a guy got cramp so helped him, then started worrying again. I considered chickening out in this activity cause it was really scary when you're waiting in line knowing for a fact that your life will literally be hanging on a thread. Finally managed to pull myself together and went ahead as I know I'll hate myself for not trying and i actually did it! I didn't slip nor fall, managed it without a scratch but slightly shaky when my foot touched the ground, but it was truly a one of a kind experience. When everyone was done, we trekked back down to our campsite, bathe, then it rained so had a hot cup of tea and lepaked. At night the game was Group Limbo where each group had to limbo their way together in a line through 3 levels of string. Every group couldn't pass the 3rd level but amazingly my group did so we earned extra points. After dinner we continued the game but with a twist, 1st round is every group had to send out their tallest member to limbo, 2nd round is limbo in pairs with a ball in between, 3rd is limbo with one leg and last is the shortest member in a group. Then we played Statue Dance where each group is given a theme and have to dance that theme throughout a song then give a pose based on that theme when the music suddenly stop, the leaders will be leading the dance of course haha. The themes could be animals in a zoo, going to toilet, washing the laundry and so on. My group's theme was something about Ah Ma going to market. The whole game was so funny we couldn't stop laughing. Next game was called Human Musical Chairs, just normal musical chairs with real humans(mostly boys) as the chairs, damn fun and funny. After the games we sang birthday song for the birthday boy>>Kai Cong, punished him by singing and stuff then all went back to tent to snooze. Oh ya Veron is in my tent and I came to find that she's actually not that bad haha....
21 December 2008-
Everyone was woken up by the committee all of a sudden and I thought it was the morning call so I slowly wore my watch but couldn't check the time cause it was still dark, tuck my toothbrush and toothpaste into my pocket and scramble my way out of the tent. When I was out where it was slightly brighter, I glanced at my watch only to find that it was just 2am and I knew it was just one of those emergency alarm calls that happen in the middle of the night for most camps
so didn't bother to keep my toothbrush and toothpaste. When everyone had gathered, I found out there was a catch. The next activity was Burung Hantu so had to drag myself to follow my group, let myself be led to some place and stood there for half an hour. It was not scary at all because less than 20 feet away stood other people and I could see them as I was not blindfolded. But one thing's for sure, it was really cold and I was stupid enough not to pack my sweater. I didn't really pack just sort of reused the things I didn't wear from last camp sigh... When it was over and we walk back to our tents, many were oooohh-ing and aaaahh-ing at the sky. There, up above us, was a view not many people in the city can enjoy. The star-filled sky was so beautiful all I could do was stop and stare with my mouth gaping open thinking if only I have a camera..
Then I crawled to my corner in the tent and as I laid down on the rough uneven surface of the ground, I remembered that my toothbrush and toothpaste went though the whole Burung Hantu with me. At 7am had our morning call, washed up then made my way to the field for morning exercise. Body aching like hell because the place I slept was rocky so I couldn't even do the simplest of stretching without saying Ouuuwww!! After breakfast we had River Trekking and my group went first. I was right in front behind Sui Yuan who was leading the way. That activity was really awesome, there's just something cool about trekking your way upstream, tackling the slippery rocks and current. There were times where I had to push myself to take the extra step even when the current is strong, really tiring. Throughout the journey I kept scolding myself on how stupid I am to get hurt in a game of Pepsi Cola instead of Repelling or River Trekking because my scratches stinged in the cold river water which bothered me but I did not complain, instead I hummed our camp theme song because I find the lyrics were appropriate for this activity:
Life is the road
And I wanna keep going
Love is a river
And I wanna keep flowing
Life is a road
Now and forever
Wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end I wanna be standing
At the beginning with you

After reaching the end of our route, Sui Yuan let me choose whether to return to campsite via river or land and I replied if there's time then river so river it is. Turns out going downstream is quite tough too. Twice I almost got swept away by the current and twice my pants almost got swept away too, imagine the force needed to pull down an elastic trackpants. Sui Yuan's slipper even decided to take a swim downstream too! But he managed to get it back in time. One of the girls in my group kept getting swept off and it was funny to see the guys in my group getting a hold of her. Then Sui Yuan stopped to help some people so I had to lead the way downstream myself yeay! When everyone is done, we changed into dry clothes, had lunch, had group photo of everyone then board the bus back to BMV. Arrived in BMV early so had about 2 hours to bathe and rest, I decided to read my book instead of bathing then slept for about half an hour.
Before dinner we played Statue Dance round 2 at Sri Dhamma Hall and another round of The More We Get Together. The committee also elected the new group leaders so Yu Ming and I officially retired, or so we thought. During dinner the 'theme' was pure silence, it was tough not saying a word during dinnertime but managed to survive, despite Lynn giggling away nonstop. After dinner gathered back at SDH for the next activity>>Creative Flames which is basically an ad. Each group is given a product to advertise, a target group, a theme
, a song that must be incorporated, a list of items that must be incorporated, a list of words that must be mentioned and a list of words that cannot be mentioned, all in 90 seconds. My group's product was Dutch Lady Low-Fat milk, target group is old people, theme is Bollywood, song is Koi Mil Gaya, items to be incorporated is a comb, a towel and a pair of slippers, words that must be mentioned is bulldog and MSN. My group didn't have a list of words that cannot be mentioned. It was really tricky at first on how we have to incorporate all these but we manage to pull through and my group did the best. Then we were briefed about tomorrow night's group performance. Usually camps have talent nights and so on but this year it is called Project "Our Way". You see, BISDS is facing 3 major problems and each group pretending to be the staff, had to figure out solutions and present it in front of the school's ACTUAL staff committee. So basically the whole idea is to find out what our way is...
Problem 1: Why students do not like to attend Sunday Dhamma classes?
Problem 2: Why students do not like to attend puja?
Problem 3: Why students do not like to participate in Sunday School activities?
All the groups were given their own meeting room to have discussions till 1.30am, I can't remember whether my group actually sat in that room till that time but I don't think we did. We started off sitting on chairs then we gradually moved to the floor till finally most of us just laid on the ground while thinking, all except Lynn cause she was the new group leader so she had to write down the points. The 3 presenters are Yu Ming(Problem 1), Lynn(Problem 2) and myself(Problem 3). I remember dozing off the moment my head touched the pillow haha...
22 December 2008-
Body still sore when I got up, had to sleep with the sleeping bag under my waist cause had to support it after the night in tent on those rocks. During morning exercise the committee made us run around the BMV, and I'm telling you, it ain't small, I daresay it is either same as my school's Larian Merentas Desa track or longer. We got our camp t-shirts during breakfast which was red, kinda nice actually. I ordered S which was 34 and thankfully I can fit in haha.. Had to change after breakfast because we were taking group photo, then have to change back cause the camp shirt is to be worn tonight during the presentation of Project "Our Way". Then we had group meeting where Sui Yuan came in to listen to our points to check whether is it appropriate for the judges haha, elect new group leader then followed by the next activity>>>It's A Double! which is just 2 games in 1. Game1: Human Pyramid where each group have to form the tallest and the most stable human pyramid/tower. Game2: Blind and Dumb where half of the group members are dumb(means can't speak not stupid) and the other half is blind. The Blinds from each group will be blindfolded and have to find their way to their group members who can't call them because they are dumb. I was the blind and well..yea I don't wanna talk about it :( During lunch the theme was sign language so we couldn't make noise and can only communicate using sign languages or rather hand signals.
After lunch the new group leaders were elected continued by The Awakening Pose where 2 group members have to blow a ping pong ball from one end to another end of a designated distance while the other group members will strike different yoga pose that the leader picked out. The second part of this game is each group is given a certain number of body parts that are allowed to touch the floor, for example 2 bodies, 4 arms, 4 legs and 3 heads. Oh ya most of the groups have about 11 members, so yea...slowly figure it out. each group is given 1 minute to figure out and unfortunately don't know why my group did badly in this one. It really brought my spirit down because we breezed through the other games until now. The next activity was called Time to Dress Up and I had to fake my energy level and it worked haha. Each group gets to pick out 4 tops, 2 skirts and 2 pants from a pile of old clothes. Then a girl and guy from each group had to dress up as the opposite sex, complete with paint as make-up!! Yu Ming volunteered to be the "girl" even though he was tired from the previous game, maybe it's because his gang were the "girls" in other teams haha. We dressed Yu Ming in a short skirt under a longer skirt so he can strip on the runway to reveal the shorter one, then we added boobs and butt made of newspaper for him too. Everyone laughed their socks off during the runway show, it was beyond words..seeing guys as girls in make-up was just too much. Worst of it is after seeing Kai Yuan in a colourful striped t-shirt under a green spaghetti top matched with a short floral skirt, I knew life will never be the same again.
We had house meeting/rest/bath time after that. When I was waiting for my turn I kept on pestering my friend to be quick cause I had "big business" to settle as well, was really funny how I made so much noise in the toilet. Geetha popped in to our meeting room to give some advice and told us that other groups are having a special this and that which got me worried so during the last half hour of group meeting we just simply practiced 3 short scenes. We had tea after that then it was time for Project "Our Way" in SDH. I was trembling when the teachers aka judges arrived... When it was my turn to speak I remember at first abit hyper then slowly voice get draggy I think, was having sore throat since ICC then when I arrived in this camp it developed into cough. Somehow my group got the highest marks in the end so yeay!! And that's not all, dinner was at the Asoka Hall and you wouldn't believe what the committee had in store for us! The back part of the hall was dimly lit and the front half was completely dark, the only source of light was 8 big rings of candles(the small round ones from IKEA) for the groups to sit in. The floor in the candle rings were lined with newspapers and banana leafs so we ate indian food on them. There was a table at the back of the hall where the committee scooped food to serve us. The whole experience was sooooo romantic and magical, that was the BEST part of this camp, no other camp committees would spend so much time and effort in doing this for the participants so THANK YOU!! After that had open dance floor, some dancing, a lot of running for some reason then everything ended around 12am. Before sleeping the girls in my dorm were laughing hysterically because some of them can burp loudly while others can't(including me), the whole scene actually lasted for half an hour or so I think but I was reading in some corner.
23 December 2008-
Thank God they didn't make us run around BMV again haha.. After breakfast we had our last activity>>>Twisted Seven Challenge which is just 7 station games. My Station 1 was er, can't remember the name. A member of the group has to gargle 3 songs and the other members has to guess it. Yu Ming was the victim and he said that the water they gave was disgusting, I think it was deliberate, heard it was sea water yuck!! Anyway Yu Ming had to gargle Uptown Girl, Big Girls Don't Cry and one more can't remember. Station 2 was...can't think of a word for it. Each person in a group has to take turns bunny hopping to a certain point, then spin around 8 times, then bounce a ball to a mat, then front roll 3 times on that mat, then run back to where you started. I embarrassingly fell after i completed my 8 spins sigh... Station 3 was in the basement parking, can't think of a name for it too. Each member in the group have to line up in a line with our hands tied, the first person of each group will be blindfolded. There will be obstacles that they have to face like crawling under this and that, stepping over something, crawl through this and that, hop across this and that... The other members in the group has to guide the blindfolded person in the right direction so everyone will follow the right way since we were all tied to each other. Station 4 was...ya can't think of the name too. Every group has to send out one representative while the others will be blindfolded. The blindfolded ones will hold a long string of rope, then the representative has to guide the blindfolded ones to form a specific shape with the rope. The shape will of course be determined by the person in charged of that station. Station 4 was something about the show Transporter or something where we have to 'transport' a ball from one end of the walkway to the other without the ball touching the ground, there will be obstacles like passing through chairs and above tables of course. So my group laid on the ground and somehow managed to pass the ball to the finish line. Station 6 was at the fountain where we have to suck an oil-absorbing sheet(the one for face) using a straw and pass it around the fountain, the record so far was 4 rounds. My group only managed 2 rounds haha.. Station 7 was where each group has to be divided into 2 groups, then each group will stand on two wooden planks with their foot tied to it, then of course we have to walk around chairs from one end to the other. My group was early so we had to wait at least half an hour for Wild Pinkies and Cheetahs, I used the time to tell my group the strategy of that game and chatting with Yu Ming about movies. My group did amazingly well cause we completed it in 8 minutes!
Then we had lunch which had a twist to it. Half of the participants randomly chose a partner out of a box and they have to feed the person whose name they chose. So my name was picked by a younger boy and he had to literally feed me lunch with spoon and help me to drink from my cup! In return I had to wash both of our plates haha...was really cool cause the people being fed to had their hands tied up so couldn't do much. Most of the Backsitterz became the people being fed to. Since my hands were tied I couldn't scratch my nose which was annoying me, then Sze Mei had to use my shoulders to push up her specs too hahahahaha.... After lunch gathered in SDH to sing a few songs but I couldn't sing cause of my cough and sore throat so mostly just mumbled. After that we had to pack our luggages and bring them down. Then each group is assigned a different place to clean up and we all set off. My group just have to sweep and tidy up the meetings room used for Project "Our Way". When everything was done we gathered back at SDH for individual evaluation where the committees will comment on each person's performances throughout the camp, whether they improved or they show any good qualities and so on. Later on we had prize giving ceremony...drum roll please...Best Group went to Move it whereas Second Best Group went to Buddha's Palm!!!! yeay... Then there were 10 individual awards to hand out such as Most Friendly (M)&(F), Most Caring (M)&(F) and Most Sporting (M)&(F). Surprisingly I was awarded Most Outstanding (F)!! Thanks a lot! The first time I cried in camp was when Sui Yuan hugged his brother which somehow made my eyes filled with tears, was so emotional then. Second time I cried was when they showed a slideshow of what happened throughout this amazing 4 day 4 nights camp, really loved all these slideshows cause we get to walk down memory lane, see our cheers and tears sigh...
Soon it was time to leave, my mum was late so ended up playing some games with Veron, Shu Mei and the others.. Then had dinner at my Granma's house, all tired and sticky and dark and aching but my problems were not over. When I returned home I found it was completely dark. My dad was in China and he would usually leave a lamp on in his room but that was switched off too. Mum and I dared ourselves to go in and switch on the lights, check whether Lucky and Todd were okay. Everything seems to be alright so we thought it was just a false alarm. THEN when I was carrying my bag up the stairs I saw my room light was on and the door open which freaked me out even more so went down again to tell mum. She then opened the gate so we'd have an escape route if we needed it, picked up a bat and up we went to my room. Fortunately it was nothing again then we checked Dad's and Sis's room. When we were satisfied that the coast was clear only did I tell my mum "Mum, please remember to switch off the lights and so on. I really can't take this sort of thing again". This wasn't the first time something like this had happened, the first was even funnier but not gonna tell here cause this post is already long enough as it is, if you wanna know just find it in my old Friendster blog>> Throughout this camp it was so hard to refrain myself from yelling my group Yellow 5 Yellow 5!!!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

International Cadet Camp 2008

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Ok I know I have not been around lately because I was nowhere near civilisation for almost 2 weeks but no worries, I'm back in one piece, along with several cuts and bruises, a small weak heart and 2kg lighter.

I remember...before this camp, I spent my time calling people up and stressing over National Review, then I had to pack my luggage the day before camp sigh...but other than that its a total blank, what I did before my camps has been erased from my brain, all except the bad memories sigh..again..The venue for this event is at Templer's Park, Rawang. It is supposed to be a NS campsite for 500++ participants but somehow they're squeezing 900++ close to a thousand people in it! All the participants are divided into 5 "villages" represented by the colours red, orange, green, purple and yellow respectively. Then the participants in each village is further divided into 5 groups e.g Yellow 1, Yellow 2, Yellow 3, Yellow 4 and Yellow 5. There are a few foreign participants from countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Zambia and Sri Lanka.
10 December 2008-
We gathered in front of our school at 5am and while waiting for others to arrive, we started to compare each other's luggages because it is a 7 day 6 night camp so we were all eager to see what each other brought. Apparently I have one of the simplest ones and my bag was one of the lightest too. When everyone arrived, we headed to SMK Damansara Utama so we can meet up with all the KSTU members(PJ side) who are also participating in this camp. First day in camp had nothing much to do, Sasa and I actually get to sleep in the dorms but we switched with 2 other girls cause Teri, Dana and Sya were sleeping in classrooms..bad move. Turns out dorms actually has BEDS and better, bigger toilets sigh.. Each classroom is divided into 2 and each half is supposed to fit in 20 girls, unfortunately Sasa and I couldn't sleep together cause I was in BK11, Sasa and Yvonne is in BK16 while
the other three were in BK14. Lepaked like crazy till lunchtime cause had to wait for other state people to arrive, had lunch and er briefing and such. First day was pretty dull, assigned to our groups and my group is Yellow 5 yay!! Got chosen as group leader then started to scramble for ideas for our group name, group flag and group cheer. Finally settled with the name "B&B" which stands for Beauty and Bob, the flag shows a picture of the ever popular character of Spongebob Squarepants finally meeting the sponge of his dreams(so we drew a girl sponge too). One part of our group cheer is like :-
I love you
You love me
We are happy B&B
Living in ICC in the month of December
We will win and beat the rest
I didn't even know the exact words for that song till now...
I love you
You love me
We are happy family
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too
After that it rained and all the participants had to squeeze under 4 canopies which was tough since we were all hot, sweaty and sticky. The boys from my division were practically drooling when they saw the Hong Kong girls haha...Then the committee started playing a song that we have to sing-along but I couldn't really get the tune because the guy behind me was singing soooo loud and top it all off, he was out of tune. That night we had the usual ice breaking, only this time we had to literally BREAK ICE and then MELT it into a bucket, whichever team that melts the most water wins. After that we had to show our group cheer and thankfully my turn is tomorrow night since it was getting late and there were 25 teams. That night I had one of the worst sleep in my life, since I was so stubborn to bring my own sleeping bag, I had to sleep on a cold hard floor freezing through the night, my body was literally shaking with cold, I even had to get up 3 times in the night to lower the speed of the fan but it doesn't seem to slow down sigh...counting the seconds till 5.30am...
11 December 2008-

After that dreadful night I finally learnt my lesson and the first thing I did was attack my group member who is sleeping in dorms to borrow me her sleeping bag since dorms have beds(hmph). Bless Siau Jia for borrowing hers... Today was the opening ceremony and it was supposed to start at 11am but we started at 12.30pm, so we all waited under the hot afternoon sun tanning our already sun-browned skin. Then Yellow village had to go for our first activity which is Wing Chun Kung Fu lesson(this activity was to replace Absailing sobsob). If I'm not wrong, Bruce Lee himself was a master of Wing Chun Kungfu, which uses the simplest of movements and minimum time to cause severe injuries. The Grandmaster even demonstrated the skill of breaking plastic chopsticks in between his collarbone when his partner striked in that area. Overall it was pretty cool though we were soaked to our skin on our way to the canteen since it was raining. At night we showed our group cheer then played this game called Mix n Match. Each group is assigned a different part of an animal, for example my group had to build 2 elephant legs using nothing but newspapers and marker pens. When the team is done, the leader had to gather on stage with other leaders who have similar body parts. When all the leaders have gathered, we had to stick the different body parts to form an animal. There was an elephant, eagle, rooster, fish and lion. The results were hilarious because most of us did our body parts in different sizes so when all the parts are joined together it would turn out like a mutated organism. After everything is over, we headed back to sleep and me gleefully sleeping in my borrowed sleeping bag wee.. Oh yes, the group leaders were told today that the next night each group have to present a group presentation, be it a sketch, dance or musical..o man...oh ya, I still have not taken my bath till now.
12 December 2008-
Woke up at 5.30am, washed up, had breakfast etc then headed for Activity B which is Water Rafting. Each little raft can only fit 6 people so since most of the group had at least 30+ members, means each group have to go about 5-6 rounds. We had to row from one end of the lake to another, make a U-turn then row back, switch place with the next set of people. Amazingly my group's first set did spectacularly, instead of maneouvering the boat around
they actually turned their bodies instead which saved a lot of time. In the end my group won the race!! It was soo cool yet tricky to steer it in one direction because my group was the one on the outer left and the water ripples caused by other rafts kept affecting us.
After lunch we had Activity C which is Obstacle Course
consisting of 8 obstacles. First obstacle was to jump over some pole and walking across a hanging bridge above water, second is to climb over a 7-foot wall, third is balance and walk on a high wall, fourth is monkey bar over water(I thought I'd fail this one but I didn't), fifth is swing across a pool of water like tarzan(I thought I'd fail this one too and I did), sixth is crawl through some tunnels, seventh is commando crawl and last is to climb over a 12-foot wall. This one the guys had to basically lift all the girls up, pity them...the guys in the camp really sacrificed alot. I finally had my first bath today but I sneaked off to the girl's dorm toilet cause there bigger, I went in one with a broken door but who cares la as long as it works..After dinner we had our group presentations and my group decided to do an advertisement promoting our product>>Chong Yong(my group member). It went pretty well I guess.. My group was seated in the front row on the floor and when a guy was doing some breakdance on the stage, his slipper actually flew and hit the guy on my left!! It was so funny and shocking... Some groups did well and some groups was just..a lost for words. There was more than one group doing a sketch about Digi, Maxis, Celcom and U-Mobile. One of them was so confusing till all I could do was stare at my friend with a blank look on my face. Really tiring to watch all 25 groups performing and it was also really time consuming.
13 December 2008-
Usual wake up, wash up, exercise, breakfast then Activity D which was Flying Fox and High Rope done simultaneously. One person can only do either one because there were too many people, My division people all did before so we sat in the back allowing others to try. Ended up lepaking, dancing and all anyway... After lunch we had Activity E which is Jungle Trekking. I don't mind getting down and dirty but leeches bother me a lot. Plus we started when it rained, went through some water, played at the river and walked back when the rain ended. It was sooooo cold, even colder than my first night haha..Can't really say that the trail was tough, just abit tiring cause of the steep slope but other than that it was fine. Found out how badly out of shape I was too..Had my second bath in the exact same cubicle I bathed in yesterday. After dinner we enjoyed local cultural performances performed by the participants from various states of Malaysia. My favourite was Johor's because they showed the Chinese Yo-Yo. Looks so amazing and difficult, normal Yo-Yo looks like child's play compared to this. One of the states was holding this long stick during his performances and when he swinged it he knocked out the lights above him and it shattered on the floor, it was cool yet shocking obviously, just happened out of nowhere.. Oh right, there's one performance which is hip hop and I have to say it was already pretty good as it is.
14 December 2008-
Today had to get up at 4.30am(I always get up half an hour earlier than supposed to) because after breakfast we had to be at Dataran Merdeka by 8am for National Review 2008. Thank God camp participants didn't have to stand in line because we would all fall like Dominos, we just sat and watch the whole event. Then we had City Tour which is mainly for the participants from overseas. Had lunch in Time's Square which cost a bomb then I bought souvenirs for my group members which is little Xmas tree decoration balls in yellow so I can write messages on them. When I had questions about those balls I asked the shop trainee for assistance(I knew he was a trainee cause he was wearing a tag), I gave him a box and ask what is the price for it so he left to check carrying along the box. A few minutes later ANOTHER guy showed up on my other side wearing a different shirt(under same company) and he was keeping the box I sent the first guy to check the price for! So I asked what happened to the first guy and the second guy do't know anything about it, he said something about it is a public holiday and the other guy had the day off, IF the other guy was having the day off then who the hell was I talking to earlier?! Later at the counter, the 2 people working there were moving sooo slow I was practically jumping to hurry them up, they were messing with the wrong person cause my time was nearly over and I had to get my members. Then I had a hectic time trying to gather members in Time's Square man, many were late and really hard to find them. Next stop was the KL Tower, haven't been there for years...There are many shops there now and I bought a bookmark for Eggy there haha. Didn't go up the tower because we don't have permission for it. Next stop is KLCC. First time going into a mall wearing trackpants and camp shirt. Oh ya, all the buses sending us were escorted by police, felt like a VIP! Anyway I heard a few people actually went to KLCC toilet, paid RM2 to BATHE in there, that is probably why many were late. Somehow when the time is up my group waited in our bus to leave but even after an hour we didn't even budge, turns out no bus was allowed to leave because a girl was missing...or was it a boy...either way we had to head back to campsite after that since there was no time left.
Before dinner I spent about an hour writing the messages on the souvenirs, I bought 36 balls that came in sets, gave 33 of them to my members, 1 to my group officer and the extra 2 to my room mates cause they were sort of jealous and they helped me so I give lo, didn't even get one for myself but it's alright x) .Then I bathed in the exact same cubicle again. After dinner and rest we enjoyed Campfire and International Culture Night. This time they held it in the assembly ground and it was so dark adn the ground was wet so didn't really enjoyed it. But the best thing was the committee prepared fireworks!! So beautiful to watch and what a lovely surprise for us....My body shut down when the lights went out which was weird because for the past few days I've always been the last to get back in the room and the last to sleep and all but today I was the first haha..
15 December 2008-
Woke up at 5.30am, usual stuffs then watched the First Aid Competition for awhile. All the countries participated in this event. I said for awhile because after awhile I sneaked off to my classroom and had a picnic with some of my roomies, then we took a nap, got up for lunch then get ready for closing ceremony. The ceremony was pretty long but I managed to tahan through it without fainting though my legs hurt like crazy.(Yvonne, Chong Hong, Me, Sasa)
Took a few more pics and then rush off to get ready for tonight's Gathering Night/Costume Party. I bathed at the exact same cubicle yet again...My division decided to dress the same with the theme 'Rockstar' but unfortunately we didn't win. There was even a guy dressed as Jack Sparrow!! Partied and danced like crazy but some songs kept repeating so after awhile got tired and sat down. There was this indian guy who danced with me but I left after while because he was holding his *thing while dancing(ok I understand it could be a style) but he was also staring at my b**bs! top it all off, he was the leader of his group and his group won one of the top5 best groups! Was quite upset cause I thought my group did a good job, nvm la will try harder next time. Slept early that night too...
16 December 2008-
My God...its the last day of camp! At the beginning I thought it wasn't going to end but now that it has, I don't want it to...The place was beginning to feel like home. All my stuffs were packed before breakfast so spent time taking pictures with my group members...voila! There were tears, cheers and sad..

(Ka Ching from HK + Me)

(Yellow 5)



(3/4 of them only)

Love you guyss...miss you all so much and remember to keep in touch y
P/S: Must pack more socks and pants because I barely had enough. Sleeping bag too...a!

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